As it unfolds,

Change is the only constant.

Really hope 2012 treated you well. Midst of the lame world ending stories and dramas, I did have an amazing year. Thanks to a few who made this year indeed a memorable one!

Obviously everyone has bad days. But, they eventually do have a reason and you get an opportunity to learn from your mistakes.

And here's why #2012 means a lot to me:

#1 Boyfriend's job
#2 Yammyams
#3 Job
#4 Turning 21
#5 Customers to really good friends
#6 Winning lots of presents
#7 (If this happens soon, I'll blog about it :) ) Probably my biggest achievement.
#9 My 1028 followers (AS OF NOW :) )
#10 all the lasting friendships
#11 Everyone's healthy
#12 No more rebonded, unhealthy, total waste of $ hair :)
#13 International customers
#14 Every tuesdays :)
#15 Makeup skills hahahaa
#16 Flea Stall
#17 KAYA'S BABY, it was a precious moment to welcome the little bundle of joy!

and so much more. Whatever I've listed have nothing to do with money or a havoc lifestyle but, like we say the greatest things come in small packages. I've had a really good year and hope that 2013 will bring more happiness and blessings!

Eagerly waiting for all the pending stuffs to happen. Thanks to god for watching over and blessings :)

I hope all of you had a good year and memorable moments. Now let's welcome this new year with lots of love and kisses. May it bring you all the happiness and love :)

Lots of love,



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