Its 1000

With Christmas and New year making its way soon. I've been flooded with orders and queries. Taking time off from deliveries, meetups and working; to get some tutorials done! Recording and editing, phew. Somehow, I've been trying to get those completed :)

Oh, today's a really special day. We have reached 1006 (To be exact) haha FANS on facebook. Getting such a huge number of fans is not something that happened overnight but took so much patience and hardwork. Thanks to Farzanah and Shahnaz for being there, supporting and helping out. Couldn't have done it all myself. And obviously, Thanks to all Fans for supporting and trusting us!

Have been really busy but, will be picking out the winners for giveaways soon!
And Thank you 1000th FAN! Will be contacting you soon!

Recently had the pleasure of meeting up with Zaza Haikaz. A fan who have been supporting since the page was promoted. It was indeed a really special meetup. Spoke so much till nearly midnight haha. Glad that this page has also given me opportunities to make lots of nice friends. She's draws awesome graffiti and more. Will be uploading something that she's drawing for me. Its so heart warming and touching! Thank you for supporting me and the page since the beginning! Means a lot. Will be meeting you again soon my new friend!

Sorry that the page is rarely updated with contents. Will be making an extra effort to update frequently! :)
Drop a comment/ message to let us know If there's anything!

Do check out yammyams for lots more creative and amazing items!

Thanks again loves.



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