10 years

While shopping yesterday,  I bumped into an old school friend. Glad she asked me out for dinner that night. We spoke so much about school, friends and definitely all the dramas. The talk made me realise its nearly 10 years since school ended. Wow. where did all that time go?

Reflecting on the past 10 years. There's happiness, sadness and lots of lesson learnt. They say time heals,  We might have forgotten everything. But, forgiving? apologising? 
Losing loved ones made me realise to be kind, nice and forgiving. Thanks to god I had the opportunity to meet some of them. It does make you feel lighter. No more misunderstandings or discomfort. I hope to speak to many of you.

Its never too late to apologise. 
Let' s start the new year with love.

The best two


Fortunate to have met my amazing ladies! Thanks for your never ending support and encouragement babes! 

Cheers to new beginnings! ❤️

Handmade Indian Sweet Miniatures

Firstly, I would like to wish everyone's who's celebrating a very Happy Deepavali! 

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I managed to ship miniature hole plates from Thailand. It was meant to be used for Christmas cookies. However, Deepavali inspired me to do a Indian sweet palette You may also view the photos on Facebook and Instargam . 

Here you go, 
#1 Miniatures are done in 12:1 ratio of real items. So, here's a photograph that shows how tiny they are.

#2 Miniature newspaper and tea to go along with sweets.

#3 Top view. Don't they look delicious? Pick your favourite!

(From left to right, clockwise) 
(Click link if you would like to see actual examples of the sweets, thanks to wikipedia and other links))
3. Barfi
4. Ladoo
7. Jelabi
9. Middle, Almonds

Items used for creating the sweet tray:
(1) Premo polymer clay (Artfirend/ Popular)
(2) Hole dishes (Thailand)
(3) Colour pastels (Artfriend)
(4) Tea cups (Thailand)
(5) Liquid sculpey (Tinkle art n crafts)
(6) Newspaper, I found some design online, scaled them and joined together.

Do give it a try! I'm sure you will enjoy making them as much as eating them! hehe.

Love, yamunah

Its been a long time

Cute Happy animated GIF

Thankful for all the experiences.

Couldn't have gone through all these without the blessing of god. Believe in miracles, they do come true.

Sometimes, you just got to pray and wait for life to unfold. Probably not the best advise during hard times but, trust me it works. Been kind to everyone is something I have learned over the years. Give love and you will receive nothing less of it. 

Learn to forgive, forget and accept. (don't forget to smile)

I'm working on some helpful tips for crafts and shopping too. Something I believe would be helpful to you.

Thanks for dropping by. Leave a comment below to spread some love. 


Gif credit: Giphy
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