Vintage Letter Set

Just few days back, i met my long lost friend to pass her the Vintage Letter Set. She didn't want it to be pre-typed so, i arranged the set for her. Its a set customized with design papers, envelopes with tags pasted on the corner, ribbon and labels to paste and decorate the letters. Can be even done completely with pre-typed and designs done. let me know what you think of it? 

This could be a wonderful present to those who wants to customize something themselves. 

haha thats my lil sister! super adorable, isn't she? 



Attempted a hand-stitched card a few days back. had little difficulties doing it for the first time as i wanted the back to look really neat. So, did another one in different size/color. Both turned out great and i'm so happy to share with you the cards. And when i ran out of strings i even used some sewing thread! haha. everyone's loving the card. Let me know what you think! 

you can drop me a mail at tweet yams23.

random note: xoxo reminds me of gossip girls! haha

Don't you love ANIMAL prints?

while working on the organizer, i wanted to do something pink and girly! and obviously, leopard prints! There's lots of girls out there who loves animal prints. Managed to do something simple and for this pages, ive added beauty tips instead of quotes and a brush to fill up dates. Hope you'll like it, would complete the set if anyone's interested in it. drop a comment and support! 


Perfect organizer

After coming across various different types of journal/recipe cards and even when i try finding a perfect organizer for myself. i never seemed to find the ones that suits me the most. gave it a try and customized my own journal pages! ive preferred simple and spacious one and those which didn't have any dates printed. i tend to use pages randomly haha. 

after planning it, ive made my final set. they consist of only the months as headings, a line to write the day and circle at the top right corner for dates. ive always loved to read quotes and saving them in bulk was always troublesome +i can't find them whenever i retweet/ tumblr them. ive pre-typed all positive and encouraging quoted in the middle and the author names goes at the side vertically. i'm in the process of printing and designing the top cover! gonna start binding it soon.

( measures 3 by 4 inches )

planning to put it up for sale and donate a fraction of it! Hope you guys like it and support me! Customization could be done based on your preference. 

do drop your feedback! 

with love,

Though the blog was done weeks ago. i had to spend time doing the buttons, gallery, signature and lots more linking! have been trying to complete them asap and will be posting some freebies that ive done. do grab them! hope they would be useful to you.

did a card few days back, am really glad of the responses i've been getting. here's how it turned out,



Was randomly looking through Pinterest and saw random words/heart generating java app! thought of sharing with you guys. Although, valentines is over. its not to late to do something. its a simple app but i'm sure you could print it out to use for frames/ cards/ posters or just mail it over.

generated my heart based on a few words. give it a try! hop over, Generate the heart. And you could also donate a few bucks if you would like to help.


Sneaky Valentine

 (the vow)

I've never really bothered about Valentines or the celebration. I'd just go shopping/ slack at home  alone. Would see guys dressed up and holding onto beautiful flowers/ chocolates/ presents. how sweet! Now i feel completely different about the day. Its not because we girls want to empty your pockets but, its a day for both to express your love in a special way. Doesn't have to be expensive but a simple gesture to show your feelings. i knew my sneaky boyfriend will be up to something but never guessed it. 

Received really pretty red roses. this was the first time i've gotten roses J
. watched the most beautiful video ever +had a simple Sunday and had lots of fun! and i'm sure you had a wonderful time with your loved one too.

Hope your valentines went well. xoxo.

Comfort post

all of us face bad days. be it with studies/ relationships or just mood-swings, we tend to overreact, stressed up and pressurized. all you have to do is just take a little break and relax yourself by grabbing your favorite bar of chocolate, or knitting, even maybe watching a movie. i used to make the negativeness overshadow the entire day and the happiness. wasted a lot of time pondering over and over but never overcoming it. What do i like? what keeps me occupied and makes me feel much better? I'm not sure if it helps the guys though hahaha. 

1. Pinterest | 2. Gossip Girl | 3. Hot/Cold Chocolate
4. Tumblr | 5. Sewing/Crocheting

So when you're upset, try doing what you like and i'm sure you'll feel much better. i've tagged a few sites that you can refer too. 

it changes us all.

while everyone's always worrying about their never ending problems/ why life has brought so much twist and turns? /why are we even alive?
i'm not any different. i mourn over everything, repeat over problems for hours or even days.
always have hard time accepting life. And i just read a blog, a very inspiring person. a person who made me realize what i have and how i'm wasting it. lilblueboo is where she resides and share her personal/business space. Thought i just came across a random blog till i started reading about what she goes through and how she copes with everything. many of us including myself have only looked on the negative of what life brings to us. while so many people out there are fighting for their life.
life teaches us all a lesson. its up to us whether we learn or give up.
i hope to forgive, forget, understand and accept everything that happens.



here's a new style of cards to make your valentine giggle a lil. naughty and cute, customize according to your favorite images and phrases! here's one to show you how cute the set of cards are:

will be uploading many more soon. do comment whether you like it <3


why not a card?

Valentines has always been an important day for the couples. it has been a tradition to gift cards, chocolates and flowers. what have you planned for the special day or are you one who goes for last minute presents? fret not if you're busy to search now! you can search online for so much materials and inspirations to get something done or place an order with me with your favo design and see what i can do for you.

1. heart pieces joined together to form a card | 2. how about gifting a set of letters or cards tied up for each day | 5.  briefcase full of love with messages, cards, photographs | 6. Apply of my eye card, for the who who loves Apple.  



What are you doing for your Valentine? 
Aren't you getting something done? So here is it, I've a few ideas on what/how you can make your valentine a special one! Need not be something really expensive or huge. but something handmade to express your love in your own way!

Here you goooo,

Hope you'd have a fabulous celebration ahead and i'd do a tutorial on what i did for my Valentine soon!




It took me close to 3 years to start blogging again. Not really a personal one but to share some really nice things that happens, my diy-s and obviously this wonderful design by lustluxeandlove makes me want to blog more.
still trying to edit the links and make sure everythings in order. 
It'll take me a few days to sort out everything and blog frequently. So Hiiiiiii bloggers!

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