Comfort post

all of us face bad days. be it with studies/ relationships or just mood-swings, we tend to overreact, stressed up and pressurized. all you have to do is just take a little break and relax yourself by grabbing your favorite bar of chocolate, or knitting, even maybe watching a movie. i used to make the negativeness overshadow the entire day and the happiness. wasted a lot of time pondering over and over but never overcoming it. What do i like? what keeps me occupied and makes me feel much better? I'm not sure if it helps the guys though hahaha. 

1. Pinterest | 2. Gossip Girl | 3. Hot/Cold Chocolate
4. Tumblr | 5. Sewing/Crocheting

So when you're upset, try doing what you like and i'm sure you'll feel much better. i've tagged a few sites that you can refer too. 


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