its been so long since i attempted SFX again! loved doing them so much! gonna do one more soon. hope you liked the few ive done.


Ombre Hearts tutorial

I remember my art teacher mr wong teaching me how to blend the crayons to create the Ombre look back in primary school. We did flowers and lots more crafts using this technique! So, i planned out a tutorial for this. working with crayons is hard cause of the mess they create during blending! you just gotta place a tissue under your hand when shading and always remember to clean your crayons after colouring! Hope my simple tip helps. hee. 

there are endless possibilities to what you can create with this simple technique. 

I've arranged them according the the steps: 

That's really easy and you could do them in various colour shades! plus, you can use them as tags/ scrapbook deco/ or to add a lil colour to your stuffs! 

letme know how you used it <3



recently, did the wooden bag/wool flowers for a birthday present! Such vibrant colors and gorgeous design. did one as a gift for mother's day years back. so glad to be able to one again! Super happy that the lady loved it. gonna be working on more pretty stuffs! 

you're gonna love them too! 

Awwww kitty loves it toooo! 

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stop procrastinating

wooden album for his birthday

finally, with the help of my sister i've figured out a solution for my never-ending wireless problem. had been super busy with the birthdays and orders that i totally neglected this space. did a tutorial based on the ombre shading! will be posting it up tomorrow here and pinterest! latest crafts are gonna be up shortly! And more projects coming up. this has been great and hope i'd learn and do more!

do comment and letme know if there's any projects/tutorials you would want me to do.. 

with much love,


n. A French term meaning "shaded." Usually a multicolored stripe, with colors graduating from light to dark. The color effect is woven into the fabric. Generally produced by arranging different tones in the warp.

wake up call

Feels like time is running too fast! Sometimes i just feel like i should get things i have been procrastinating completed. but i get lazy/irritated. it was funny that i wrote 30/2 and my student corrected me its march tomorrow! god, hit me so hard i have so much to do but, i have been slacking a little too much lately. hopefully, march will be a nicer and more productive month! lots of birthdays, and more projects to be done. Will be uploading the process and a few completed projects. its been great doing those projects and meeting lots of new people! 

yes, i haven't been blogging the past few days. will be uploading pictures and blogging frequently soon! 

start now.

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