Haha! Happy Sunday folks! 
Its such a nice weather. Uploaded lots of new stuffs over at yammyams
And heading out now. 

have a blessed day! 



This city just showed you that it's full of people ready to believe in good.

Had an amazing time finishing up this SUPERHERO themed card for a customer. Yes, a Batman one. This was inspired by my earlier card (Spiderman). Loving this card. Its a great gift customized for your loved one. Adds a special touch too. Had space for her on the inner right side to fill up her message and topped it off with a batman figure. Obviously what's a card without a photograph? Added a designed Polaroid photo for her. 

Pss; All comic strips used are selected individually and wrapped up the card with clear plastic! Now, no complains since its waterproof ! :)
If you love such cards, drop by yammyams. We customize lots of stuffs! 

Loving this card. Check out lots more gorgeous card in our albums! 

Feel free to drop us a comment/ message! <3

Keep fluttering

Since the boyfriend had free passes to the Birdpark, We used that up to make a visit last month. I absolutely love birds and giving me an entire day to be there is soooo fun! You don't get to see penguins, owls and eagles everywhere right. We stopped for lunch at hawks cafe! good food.. and back to sight-seeing. 

Amongst the fun things we did, I loved snapping photographs of the birds! They were gorgeous and obviously you should snap lots of photos too. 

Here are some pretty photos,

Don't they look amazing? Start planning your trip to birdpark now. Such a pretty place.

Pss; Remember to bring an umbrella/ cap, its hot. 



Not posting for quite a period of time means now I'm going to overload with things. haha. 
Was super packed with lots of orders and since we customize from scratch there's a lot of dedication we gotta put in and thus, updates are so slow. ):

Opps I just checked and I'm so back dated. Here gonna upload some stuffs now, 

Are you excited about halloween? 
Practiced more SFX, 

And Photograph on wood/ tiles, 
Would you like to have yours printed on this?

Or our special Macaroon Chain/ Earings? We have both studs and dangling ones.

Oh there's lots more, will be updating soon and you can take a look at yammyams for lots more! 
We are constantly updating with new stuffs. Do take a looook ((:

Lots of love,
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