As it unfolds,

Change is the only constant.

Really hope 2012 treated you well. Midst of the lame world ending stories and dramas, I did have an amazing year. Thanks to a few who made this year indeed a memorable one!

Obviously everyone has bad days. But, they eventually do have a reason and you get an opportunity to learn from your mistakes.

And here's why #2012 means a lot to me:

#1 Boyfriend's job
#2 Yammyams
#3 Job
#4 Turning 21
#5 Customers to really good friends
#6 Winning lots of presents
#7 (If this happens soon, I'll blog about it :) ) Probably my biggest achievement.
#9 My 1028 followers (AS OF NOW :) )
#10 all the lasting friendships
#11 Everyone's healthy
#12 No more rebonded, unhealthy, total waste of $ hair :)
#13 International customers
#14 Every tuesdays :)
#15 Makeup skills hahahaa
#16 Flea Stall
#17 KAYA'S BABY, it was a precious moment to welcome the little bundle of joy!

and so much more. Whatever I've listed have nothing to do with money or a havoc lifestyle but, like we say the greatest things come in small packages. I've had a really good year and hope that 2013 will bring more happiness and blessings!

Eagerly waiting for all the pending stuffs to happen. Thanks to god for watching over and blessings :)

I hope all of you had a good year and memorable moments. Now let's welcome this new year with lots of love and kisses. May it bring you all the happiness and love :)

Lots of love,


Time of the year

Hope all of you had a great celebration loves!

Woke up super late and obviously was too lazy to head out. Had a nice time at the temple and meanwhile was contemplating whether I should get a drink at Starbucks. I didn't ): 

Ohhhhhh and If you haven't try the Peppermint mocha frappe you should. 
Its sooo delicious. They're limited so go get one soon okays!
And let me know whether you liked it!

Will be posting for new year! 
Thankful for everything this year has given me.

Lots of love.



Emerald (Also referred as kelly green) has been named as the Colour of the year 2013
Personally, I've not been much of a green fan! But this particular shade did win my heart! Its really attractive, radiant and PRETTY! Well, it gives you a sort of 80s feel but hey who cares, let's bring back the style!

Its often mistaken for teal too. Teal has more of a blue tone though.


There are a couple of colors that complements this lovely shade.
Blue/White gives a really fresh and lively look with Emerald,
Or you can try pairing it up with purple/yellow too!

This rich and classy emerald, would be a great investment for your wardrobe, girls!
You can give a pop of green for your eyes using the sleek I-Divine Ultra matte V2 palette! Great selection of eyeshadows too! Use the white in your inner-corners to make your eyes look bigger!

You can purchase them at Luxola! They have a wide range of cosmetics for you to pick from.

Ps: In case you were wondering what was the colour of the year 2012 was. Its was Tangerine Tango.

 Have an amazing day ahead! Lots of love.


Its 1000

With Christmas and New year making its way soon. I've been flooded with orders and queries. Taking time off from deliveries, meetups and working; to get some tutorials done! Recording and editing, phew. Somehow, I've been trying to get those completed :)

Oh, today's a really special day. We have reached 1006 (To be exact) haha FANS on facebook. Getting such a huge number of fans is not something that happened overnight but took so much patience and hardwork. Thanks to Farzanah and Shahnaz for being there, supporting and helping out. Couldn't have done it all myself. And obviously, Thanks to all Fans for supporting and trusting us!

Have been really busy but, will be picking out the winners for giveaways soon!
And Thank you 1000th FAN! Will be contacting you soon!

Recently had the pleasure of meeting up with Zaza Haikaz. A fan who have been supporting since the page was promoted. It was indeed a really special meetup. Spoke so much till nearly midnight haha. Glad that this page has also given me opportunities to make lots of nice friends. She's draws awesome graffiti and more. Will be uploading something that she's drawing for me. Its so heart warming and touching! Thank you for supporting me and the page since the beginning! Means a lot. Will be meeting you again soon my new friend!

Sorry that the page is rarely updated with contents. Will be making an extra effort to update frequently! :)
Drop a comment/ message to let us know If there's anything!

Do check out yammyams for lots more creative and amazing items!

Thanks again loves.


Lots moreeee

Haven't been updating much! Hey but you can always check out my page, Its always up to date! 
Let me just show you quickly what I've been doing,

*Everything is customization according to how you want it to be, Drop us a mail soon to discuss!

There's lots more to update soon; keep watching this space!

*Click on the respective heading to view more photographs!

Just click to see all our various stuffs! 

You can tweet us @fbyammyams
/drop us a mail at
obviously, drop over at our page yammyams too!

See ya sn!



Haha! Happy Sunday folks! 
Its such a nice weather. Uploaded lots of new stuffs over at yammyams
And heading out now. 

have a blessed day! 



This city just showed you that it's full of people ready to believe in good.

Had an amazing time finishing up this SUPERHERO themed card for a customer. Yes, a Batman one. This was inspired by my earlier card (Spiderman). Loving this card. Its a great gift customized for your loved one. Adds a special touch too. Had space for her on the inner right side to fill up her message and topped it off with a batman figure. Obviously what's a card without a photograph? Added a designed Polaroid photo for her. 

Pss; All comic strips used are selected individually and wrapped up the card with clear plastic! Now, no complains since its waterproof ! :)
If you love such cards, drop by yammyams. We customize lots of stuffs! 

Loving this card. Check out lots more gorgeous card in our albums! 

Feel free to drop us a comment/ message! <3

Keep fluttering

Since the boyfriend had free passes to the Birdpark, We used that up to make a visit last month. I absolutely love birds and giving me an entire day to be there is soooo fun! You don't get to see penguins, owls and eagles everywhere right. We stopped for lunch at hawks cafe! good food.. and back to sight-seeing. 

Amongst the fun things we did, I loved snapping photographs of the birds! They were gorgeous and obviously you should snap lots of photos too. 

Here are some pretty photos,

Don't they look amazing? Start planning your trip to birdpark now. Such a pretty place.

Pss; Remember to bring an umbrella/ cap, its hot. 



Not posting for quite a period of time means now I'm going to overload with things. haha. 
Was super packed with lots of orders and since we customize from scratch there's a lot of dedication we gotta put in and thus, updates are so slow. ):

Opps I just checked and I'm so back dated. Here gonna upload some stuffs now, 

Are you excited about halloween? 
Practiced more SFX, 

And Photograph on wood/ tiles, 
Would you like to have yours printed on this?

Or our special Macaroon Chain/ Earings? We have both studs and dangling ones.

Oh there's lots more, will be updating soon and you can take a look at yammyams for lots more! 
We are constantly updating with new stuffs. Do take a looook ((:

Lots of love,

I'm too happy

Since my meeting got cancelled that day and I was thinking on what to! 
And wanna see what completed. Here, yammyams offical page

What's great? ,You can place your order through our page too! 
Have updated almost all the photographs! 

Show a lil love, Hop over and take a look loves.

Thank you for you support peeps <3

with love,

Twenty First

Yep as you can conclude from the title! Turned 21 recently. Gosh, 21! 
Dolling up is my priority on birthdays! Well, I did haha. Forgot to take a photograph with my cut-out dress. Loved it. Thanks for the wishes and presents! I still have lots of stuffs on my wishlist to be done! I'll update soon about that. 

How was your birthday celebration? 
Happy Sunday peeps!

With love,

You gotta follow me

Watch out for this space for more pretty cards and more good-looking stuffs soon! Will be updating alot more this week and hope i'd have some time to do Raya card <3

Are you looking for something special? You can click the links under the photograph over at the right-side or drop me a mail at

With love,

Customized Tasbih

Wikipedia; Tasbih (تسبيح) is a form of dhikr that involves the repetitive utterances of short sentences glorifying God, in Islam. To keep track of counting either the phalanges of the right hand or a misbaha is used.

Had the privilege to customize a Tasbih beads for Rafeek. 
Was hard to make sketches and designing since I've never tried making them before. But, heyy It turned out great! Was really happy, Painted every single beads and the box. Added gold glitter in the edges!

Click here for more ;Tasbih

Oh doesn't the Arabic wording and gold box look lovely.
Thanks to Farzie for helping me out in the Arabic name.

Hope you liked it.
Leave us a comment <3

With love,


Mini Terrariums

Have you being looking at a lot of different terrariums, Looking for something pretty/cute to decorate your tables/ work desk? This cute lil thing would look great! 

Customize with all your favorite things right away.

Look here ;Mini Terrariums

Drop us a comment below, or at our facebook/twitter. 

with love,

Classic Albums

Photographs scattered everywhere. And you are a fan of personalized pretty albums for yourself? Something special for you. Classic Photo Album with customized name on the cover. Bling and pretty! We have lots of designs too. 

Here, click over for more photographs Classic Photo Albums

Dropping a comment, we'd love to hear from you.

with love,

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