I'm too happy

Since my meeting got cancelled that day and I was thinking on what to! 
And wanna see what completed. Here, yammyams offical page

What's great? ,You can place your order through our page too! 
Have updated almost all the photographs! 

Show a lil love, Hop over and take a look loves.

Thank you for you support peeps <3

with love,

Twenty First

Yep as you can conclude from the title! Turned 21 recently. Gosh, 21! 
Dolling up is my priority on birthdays! Well, I did haha. Forgot to take a photograph with my cut-out dress. Loved it. Thanks for the wishes and presents! I still have lots of stuffs on my wishlist to be done! I'll update soon about that. 

How was your birthday celebration? 
Happy Sunday peeps!

With love,

You gotta follow me

Watch out for this space for more pretty cards and more good-looking stuffs soon! Will be updating alot more this week and hope i'd have some time to do Raya card <3

Are you looking for something special? You can click the links under the photograph over at the right-side or drop me a mail at yams@live.com.sg

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Customized Tasbih

Wikipedia; Tasbih (تسبيح) is a form of dhikr that involves the repetitive utterances of short sentences glorifying God, in Islam. To keep track of counting either the phalanges of the right hand or a misbaha is used.

Had the privilege to customize a Tasbih beads for Rafeek. 
Was hard to make sketches and designing since I've never tried making them before. But, heyy It turned out great! Was really happy, Painted every single beads and the box. Added gold glitter in the edges!

Click here for more ;Tasbih

Oh doesn't the Arabic wording and gold box look lovely.
Thanks to Farzie for helping me out in the Arabic name.

Hope you liked it.
Leave us a comment <3

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Mini Terrariums

Have you being looking at a lot of different terrariums, Looking for something pretty/cute to decorate your tables/ work desk? This cute lil thing would look great! 

Customize with all your favorite things right away.

Look here ;Mini Terrariums

Drop us a comment below, or at our facebook/twitter. 

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Classic Albums

Photographs scattered everywhere. And you are a fan of personalized pretty albums for yourself? Something special for you. Classic Photo Album with customized name on the cover. Bling and pretty! We have lots of designs too. 

Here, click over for more photographs Classic Photo Albums

Dropping a comment, we'd love to hear from you.

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Friendship Band

Remember buying FRIENDSHIP BANDS from local bookstores/ tuckshops. Or were you doing twisted china wall bands? We are getting into trend and here we have experimented with various methods and designs. finally, we made a really, super pretty hearts friendship band.

Are you interested in getting one for your friend/ your loved ones.

hop over to this link: friendship band

Would love to hear your feedback/comments, leave them below or you can drop us a mail at yams@live.com.sg 

With love,

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