Waxing your brows

As they always say, brows defines your face. Nicely trimmed and shaded brows definitely adds a whole lot of difference. I have gone for threading countless number of times/ plucked them myself for hours/ just ignored them forever. Oh and those who share the pain of removing hair from upper lips and girls who goes for full face threading, HOW DO YOU DO IT!?

I do have high tolerance of pain when it comes to threading but with eye infection and having sensitive eyes it caused more problems.

And as I grew older, I realized pulling and stretching is going to produce wrinkles. 

To sum up alllll of that questions. I decided to try benefit brow bar. (Westgate branch)
Alice, the brow expert was very professional, informative, friendly and funny! First time waxing and I was nervous.

She did a patch test on the back of my hand to give me an idea of the process. What's even better? They explain everything you need to know. Starting from the shape, arch and even shading. 

The application of wax was smooth, not too hot and she was quick in pulling out the strips. cleansing oil and gel to cool down the skin was applied. Personally didn't feel much pain doing the brows but, the upper lip was a little pain but bearable. 

Waxing felt much effective. tiny hairs were removed and there was no stretching/ pulling need. Quick and clean finish. Must add that, benefit staffs do help you cleanup and apply minimal makeup once you are done! No pushing of products! *thumbs up

**If you are a sephora member, you have a free brow waxing service with benefit brow bar on your birthday! Check your email for updates.

So, I'm just going to add some shots of before and after,

I'm not going to show my bare face haha

That's Alice, and there's a huge difference. brows filled in with benefit brow powder.

If you are intending to try their service, do book an appointment before you go down. 

Just sharing some information to girls who needs help with their brows.

xoxo, yam


There have been some exciting news and here it is, 

Launched the jewelry line over at the facebook store. We have been researching and planning for 4 months and finally, its up! 

Some pictures for you, 

All items are handmade and made with standard measurements. We have 5 different designs to choose from :)

We adore celebrities who have been wearing them and wanted to re-create them for you!

Stunning pieces, Ready to rock the boho chick in you.


Now everywhere you go,

(Above, Replica of Spatula Bakery Cupcakes! Click to see more of it! )

I've been venturing out on lots of social media platforms to spread about yammyams. Oh! that's my humble little facebook store.

Pronounced as : YAMMY- YAMS ( merged the double 'y' in the middle )

We have been upgrading the site/ and we just listed our first item on ebay ( Click if you would like to check it out! ) / Sending out items for reviews and now we are going to be writing here frequently!

Do watch out for this space!

And to those who are interested in tutorials to re-create any art, we're up on youtube and going to be sharing lots of tips over there. (Start Subscribing! We can be friends! )

I'm going to make things easier by linking up all the social media links below! So, there's no excuse not to follow us.

We love to meet all of you and do celebrate this journey with us!

Thanks for supporting us.


Google+ : Yamunah Balakrishnan ( Find me! )
Email : yammyamsg@gmail.com
Facebook : Click here
Ebay : Click here
Youtube : I'll link it up soon!
Twitter: Click here

Thanks for subscirbing to us! Feel free to send me a mail to discuss your queries.

Goodbye friends!



So, 2014 has been good to me. and i'm thankful for all opportunities.
Got featured in a newspaper article yesterday and couldn't be happier.

Something that was pending since 2012. Its definitely an accomplishment in the midst of all the struggles coping with all the work. 

Hope this year brings lots and lots of happiness and love. God's blessing shall always be with you.

Thanks for supporting and engaging yammyams.

Till we meet again, xoxo


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