Now everywhere you go,

(Above, Replica of Spatula Bakery Cupcakes! Click to see more of it! )

I've been venturing out on lots of social media platforms to spread about yammyams. Oh! that's my humble little facebook store.

Pronounced as : YAMMY- YAMS ( merged the double 'y' in the middle )

We have been upgrading the site/ and we just listed our first item on ebay ( Click if you would like to check it out! ) / Sending out items for reviews and now we are going to be writing here frequently!

Do watch out for this space!

And to those who are interested in tutorials to re-create any art, we're up on youtube and going to be sharing lots of tips over there. (Start Subscribing! We can be friends! )

I'm going to make things easier by linking up all the social media links below! So, there's no excuse not to follow us.

We love to meet all of you and do celebrate this journey with us!

Thanks for supporting us.


Google+ : Yamunah Balakrishnan ( Find me! )
Email :
Facebook : Click here
Ebay : Click here
Youtube : I'll link it up soon!
Twitter: Click here

Thanks for subscirbing to us! Feel free to send me a mail to discuss your queries.

Goodbye friends!



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