Perfect organizer

After coming across various different types of journal/recipe cards and even when i try finding a perfect organizer for myself. i never seemed to find the ones that suits me the most. gave it a try and customized my own journal pages! ive preferred simple and spacious one and those which didn't have any dates printed. i tend to use pages randomly haha. 

after planning it, ive made my final set. they consist of only the months as headings, a line to write the day and circle at the top right corner for dates. ive always loved to read quotes and saving them in bulk was always troublesome +i can't find them whenever i retweet/ tumblr them. ive pre-typed all positive and encouraging quoted in the middle and the author names goes at the side vertically. i'm in the process of printing and designing the top cover! gonna start binding it soon.

( measures 3 by 4 inches )

planning to put it up for sale and donate a fraction of it! Hope you guys like it and support me! Customization could be done based on your preference. 

do drop your feedback! 


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