Ah Sunday?

Halfway through September and it hits me that we'll be welcoming 2014 in 3 months. How quickly has the year passed. With work that i'm pretty much always busy with, I've also managed to include some projects that has allowed me to feel better and relaxed. Soap-making classes, Clay-works and lots more. Running around literally like a busy bee, but, still feel there's lots more that should be done. 

If I were to update constantly, It'll just be how I rushed, cabbed and too tired to fall asleep every night. Same routine everyday. God has blessed with many amazing opportunities this year and me being so shy never allowed myself to try something new. So, that's what I'm gonna be working on now. 

Thought of some really cool projects that I could do for myself. Will definitely post them If I ever wake up on time to execute that out!

What have you been up to this year? 

Never forget to encourage yourself for all the hard work, Its alright to take some time to chill or just sort out things. Don't be harsh. 

Till I update with much more exciting post. bye. virtual hugs. 



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