Calligraphy Basics

I have been religiously praticing calligraphy this month and had lots of friends interested in it. Must be all the attractive slow-mo videos on instagram haha. After a failed attempt with calligraphy last year I decided to try again! Took up an instagram challenge to work on. 

After some research online & pinterest, I downloaded some calligraphy/ lettering practice sheets. Thought I'd share them here. I'd suggest you practice the alphabets individually before starting to connect them to form words. You can download them here. The author has generously provided a number of them for free.

Step 1: Get a good brush pen. You should be able to work well with its tip and strokes.  During my practice, I used the Akashiya Fude brush pen. (Available at Clementi Artfriend)

Step 2: Print them out on hard papers to prevent bleeding of ink. I printed them on regular printing papers. It did bleed a little behind. But, didn't affect the lettering process.

**The brush tip and stroke size did match the practice sheet perfectly. 

See below for video posted on instagram when I was practicing.

A video posted by Yams (@yammyams_) on

A video posted by Yams (@yammyams_) on

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