Just some photos to share the day out. Finally, the boy brought me over to the beach. Endless fun. If you are planning to head down for a nice swim and spent quality time with your loved one. add
Sentosa to your list. 

or if you're not planning to swim, there's lots more attraction for the family. 

I have tried the 4D magix/ Cineblast/ Desperados. Really loved all three. 

They do have 3-in-1 combo packages:

*Current pricing
Sentosa 4D Magix + Sentosa CineBlast + Desperados
S$37.90 / Adult
S$25.90 / Child*

oh and not to forget, there is a certain height, weight and health requirements that you need to take note off. 
*last show is at 8.45 so you do have plenty of time to try out everything!
time for fun.

Love this super cute merlion.

When you try explaining to your boyfriend, draw a heart and take a picture with it :/

Such pretty photographs.


Can't remember the name of the restaurant. But, Its very close to the beach. 

Amazing time with the boy and gooood food/ ambiance! I might stop over for birthday dinner soon. loved them. Now you know where I wanna eat (; Affordable too. 

Oh renting the space was such a good deal. we stayed back to count stars and watch the fireworks. lovely night.

Goodnight peeps.



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